Tuesday, June 16, 2015


Tonight I went to heated vinyasa at The Funky Om. The theme of our class was "You are not your mind. You are not your body. You are the Divine." Throughout the class, I tried my best to really understand this idea. And I got it. But it wasn't until I got in my car to drive home that it really permeated my mind.

As a trainer, I find that the majority of my clients seek professional help from me for one common reason. A reason that is so sad. So unfortunate. So normal. Because they hate their bodies.

Whether it's a specific part of their body or everything in general, it's heartbreaking. I have had clients request to face away from the mirror during our sessions because the mere sight of themselves makes them upset. The sad truth is that nearly everybody can look at themselves in a mirror and point out something they wish they could change. Myself included. But not anymore.

It's time that we start appreciating our bodies for what they really are. We are not our bodies. Our bodies are the amazing temples in which our divine selves and our minds reside. Do you ever stop and think about all of the hard work your body does just for you? How your heart automatically beats to keep you alive? How you unconsciously breathe to let air in and out? How if you fall and scrape your knee, your body naturally heals itself? What about how your body silently produces white blood cells to fight off infections? Or how the muscles around your hair follicles contract when you're cold to create goosebumps in hopes of keeping you warm? It's time that we start noticing what's really important. Did you wake up today? Appreciate that rather than dwell on the pimple that developed overnight (most likely as a response to stress or greasy food, both of which harm the body).

I recently read somewhere that you should treat your body as if it is a baby. Fuel it with nutritious food. Hydrate it often. Ensure it gets enough sleep. Make sure it's happy. Teach it things. Challenge its strength gently and appropriately. Most importantly, love it unconditionally.Your body is your baby. It can't talk. It can only give you clues as to what it wants. What it needs. Notice those clues. Listen to those clues. Your body needs you, but you need it even more.

So next time you find yourself looking in the mirror and pointing out your flaws. Take a step back. Change those negative thoughts to positive ones. Every body, every mind, and every divine self is beautiful and deserves to be recognized as such. Next time you notice yourself breaking out, think about your body trying to communicate to you that it can't handle the amount of stress you're putting on it. Next time you have a stomach ache, think about your body trying to communicate that it doesn't agree with what you fed it (or the amount you fed it). Open your eyes. Open your heart. Love and appreciate your body for what it is and how much it does for you.