Sunday, July 23, 2017


"find what you love. do that."

Sure, ok. This sounds so simple. But why is it so hard?
We are taught to go to school, 
to get a job,
to get married,
to have kids,
to continue working,
to retire.

These standards make it challenging to take moments to ourselves.
To sit with ourselves, in silence, and discover what makes our internal flames ignite.
To allow ourselves to fuel those flames. 
With experience.
With curiosity.
With no judgement.
To take chances.
To fail.
To make changes.
To succeed.
To challenge those standards and create a reality that we are so in love with.

I dare you to wake up and break away from habit. 
Do something that you love every day.
It doesn't have to be huge; can be. It can be your full time thang, if you want. 
Or it can just be a minute
every day
doing something that makes you smile.

For me, it's teaching. One day I'll do it full-time.
Until then, you can catch me at the yoga studio. 
Teaching. Practicing. Smiling.

Saturday, January 28, 2017


There's just something about waking up in your space.
About being surrounded by the beauty that you spent hours collecting.
About knowing exactly where everything is.
What everything is.

There's just something about coming home to your space.
About plopping on your dream couch after a long day.
About filling your refrigerator with nourishing fuel.
Just for you.

There's just something about being alone in your space.
About cuddling up with homemade ginger/turmeric tea and Netflix.
About looking around and realizing this is all you.
This is just you.

And you have company over.
And you make dinner.
And you blast music.
And you make smoothies.
And you do yoga.
And you vacuum.
And you light candles.
And you serenade your kitten.
And you run out of paper towels.

There's just something about going to sleep in your space.
About losing millions of socks in the marshmallow you call your bed.
About going to sleep with a radiant smile.
Because this is all for you.